Monday, March 26, 2007


That's the last year I cared about the Vikings. They were 15-1-0 and couldn't get into the Super Bowl.

Dennis Green...what a joke.

They had Randall Cunningham and Brad Johnson, two great quarterbacks.

...Cris Carter mentoring Randy Moss who hadn't become a total jerk quite yet.

...and they had the amazing Gary Anderson (who was a neighbor of mine).

Chances like that only come along....

Why are the Vikings always "rebuilding"? Rebuilding from what?

Perpetual mediocrity?

I watched the Vikings for 33 years. In the same span The Twins have won two World Series.

Let's build them a stadium and let the Vikings use their stadium instead of the other way around this time.

And put a frickin' roof on it.

"Wilf said he is taking a long-term approach to building the team and acknowledged it could take "a couple years" to mold it into a Super Bowl contender. "


"This is a process that will take a building-up from year to year," Wilf said. "It will require patience ... [and] it will take a couple years until we can get into a position for championship-caliber competitiveness. Hopefully we can get there sooner. We can't expect that, but we'll certainly hope for it. "Either way, our goal is to get to a competitive, championship level and, once we get there, to stay there."


Put the Vikes on Welfare:

"Wilf got some help Monday from his fellow NFL owners, who finally completed negotiations on an enhanced revenue sharing plan that will net the Vikings an additional $5 mil- lion to $10 million annually. The league already shares television and selected other revenues, giving each team more than $100 million per year, but the newest plan also will redistribute some local revenue from stadiums that previously were not subject to sharing."

"The bottom line: Because of their well-documented limitations in the Metrodome, the Vikings stand to receive more shared revenue than any NFL team. Wilf said he appreciates the gesture but hopes to avoid such welfare in the future."

Attaboy! Get the Vikings on a Workfare program! ...and keep them out of jail while you're at it.

"At this time, it's one of the few markets that has not participating in building a new home for its franchise."

Win one and we'll gladly build you your stadium. Just win one Zygi.

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