Thursday, April 12, 2007

Letter from Algore

Fellow MOBster Kevin Ecker wrote Algore a letter wondering how snow on the 11th of April fits into the whole Global Warming crisis, and lo and behold, Algore wrote back!

Dear Mr. Ecker,

Thank you for your inquiry.

You see, the earth…has a fever… and like when you and I have a fever, your body actually feels cooler - you see? Have you noticed that when you have a fever you actually get the chills? So what I am saying is that Global Warming causes temperatures to be unpredictable! Sometimes global warming causes the earth to be warmer, sometimes it causes the earth to be cooler. Sometimes it causes the earth to be in-betweener. It’s very unpredictable that way you see.

But don’t misunderstand me…we are all still going to die from the Global Warming/Cooling. You first though, because I will be able to evacuate in my private jet. Sorry.

You should see that baby. She’s got like a million horepressure or something like that.

Kevin…I was wondering…can we have breakfast…or lunch…or any sort of substantial meal sometime soon?

Best wishes,

Al Gore


Leo Pusateri said...


They say that every bit of good humor has a grain of truth in it.

That not only has a grain of truth as to the snakeoil scam that his global warming, hell--it's a veritable sandbox!

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