Monday, April 16, 2007

What can we do?

...regarding the Virginia Tech shootings?


You can't make sense of something like this. You can't ban guns. You can't promote guns. We'll hear both sides the second it's politically acceptable - probably sooner.

In the context of an isolated tragedy like this neither side will be right.

You can't lock down public educational institutions. You can't arm the teachers and students, even if they wanted to be, and a gun law won't stop a person that had two with the serial numbers removed.

You can't prevent everything.

We want to try to make sense of it. We want to try to mitigate the pain by somehow surmising that there is an upside. Something to be learned. An opportunity to capitalize. A way to prevent someone intent on harming others.

But there won't be.

All we can do is pray for the families...and for the shooter's family...and for the victims of similar past tragedies for whom this will be an excruciating reminder.

Hug our kids. That's what we can do.

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