Friday, May 11, 2007

America's Unions lost their relevence long their minds... Part II

Star Tribune union protests cuts

So did the union for the Vinyl Record Workers of America no doubt (there's no VRW, I made that up).

If the union does for the workers at the Strib what they did for the mechanics at Northwest Airlines it will be further proof that they have become even more irrelevant in our economy and furthermore have harmed and misled their constituents.

Like any Liberal organization, the Union is harming their members by creating a false sense of security by misleading them that there is a battle to be fought, let alone won.

Our economic system rewards those business models that grow in their value to our economy and quickly dispatches those that don’t. That is why it is so strong. You would think that liberals would embrace this fact given its resemblance more to Darwinism and less to Creationism, but I digress.

In this case, the writing is on the wall. Subcribership for print media news sources has been steadily falling for some time. Remember the Minneapolis Star and the Minneapolis Tribune? Like other markets across the country, soon we will have one traditional print newspaper. The union won’t halt this trend, because it is inevitable. …but then again, that isn’t their motivation.

The unions are fighting for their very survival in an economy that has rendered them irrelevant long ago.

Unions have ruined our automotive industry, gutted our airline industry and are on the verge of ruining our public education system by creating an artificially elevated value for their membership’s services without the accountability or productivity commensurate with that value.

This fact, along with management’s slow realization, has resulted in a reduction of our ability to compete in a global economy in industries dominated by unions.

If the unions truly cared for their members, they would marshal their scarce resources not in the interest of fighting a contrived battle but rather to help their displaced members retrain, reinvent or relocate.

I myself, along with many of my colleagues and friends, have reinvented our careers in the interest of supporting our families and remaining economically viable. It’s not easy, but when faced with reality, you do what you have to do. Our American economy has become an ever-changing, increasingly fast-paced, and ever more service and technology-based. Many Americans will find themselves pursuing several different careers over the course of their working years.

Those that embrace this new economy will thrive. Those that don’t will suffer and probably continue to vote Democrat.

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