Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Good Reminder

I had an opportunity to visit at length with a client of mine today (I'll call him Dan because that's his name) who happens to be a family law attorney and also is a family mediator or I think is what is called a "Certified Neutral."

Our conversation was a good reminder. And I was inspired to do better.

We talked about families, relationships and how everything we do in our marriages reflects on our children.

It effects their outlook on marriage and relationships for one thing.

For our boys, we set the example of how a man should (or should not) treat a woman and how a woman should expect to be treated by a man, and vice versa. Our kids are are watching and listening...all the time.

A family law attorney sees couples at their worst and it would be easy to lose faith.

And yet Dan is optimistic and inspired to do well by his wife and children. I was impressed with how he conducts his business. He reminds his client, who is ostensibly one half of a failed marriage to be cognizant of how his or her children will be effected by their parents divorce.

He counsels both parties, if he can, to do what's right for their children, who despite their innocence will still dwell on how the divorce is somehow their fault.

He's not just out to get a majority share of the marital assets for his client. He hopes to leave his clients better than he found them during a trying time for all involved.

Our visit about marriage at it's worst was a good reminder to those of us fortunate to have a healthy, happy marriage and a family that is together. Everything we say and do effects and sets an example for our children. The best gift a couple can give their children is to show love and affection for each other.

Life in America is busier than ever and parents are both much more likely to be balancing the pursuit of their careers, their personal interests and the well-being of their children.

But one thing hasn't changed. The only true way to express our love to our children, especially when they are young, is by giving them our time and undivided attention.

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