Monday, May 28, 2007

Gooseberry to Splitrock and back

Sunday we drove up to Gooseberry falls. A client and friend of mine said there was a bike trail between the two - about 8 miles of paved trail - perfect for the Roosh Five.
Gooseberry Falls is North of Two Harbors, just under four hours North of the Twin Cities. The Falls and Splitrock Lighthouse are along Highway 61.

We have a painting that we bought and gave to JBird for her Birthday this year. It is "Blueberry House" in Two Harbors (her other nickname is Blueberry). When we were driving home we saw the real Blueberry House.

What would a road trip be without a souvenir?


Anonymous said...

You know, that trail was paid for with tax dollars. Did that make you feel funny while you were using it.

Anonymous said...

...nevermind. I take my comment back.

You probably pay way more taxes than I do and deserve to enjoy a legitimate use of tax dollars. Those opportunities are few and far between.

I look like a real idiot commenting about politics on a post about your family outing.

Please forgive my momentary lapse of judgement.

Kermit said...

I love that drive from Duluth to Gooseberry. I remember the old days, before the tunnel. Silver cliff, scariest drive this side of Colorado, especially going north on the outside. That was a long drop.

jroosh said...

The tunnels are the kids' favorite...I look forward to doing the Circle Tour on motorcycles again some day. Its been almost twenty years.

Aaron APC said...

what do you use to carry all the bikes? roof rack or trailer hitch carrier.

We're looking to get one, and I'm interested in your recommendations.

jroosh said...

We have a SARIS 4-place rack on the back of our Suburban. It slides into the receiver. JBird's bike is still small enough to go behind the third seat inside the passenger compartment.

Soon we will have to upgrade to a 5-place rack.

Ours has rubber mounting points and rubber straps that hold the bikes quite well without any damage whatsoever, even at (lets just say super-legal) highway speeds. If you've been on 94 or 35 North of town you get the picture.