Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Lifeblood of America

My great grandparents came over from Italy via Ellis Island. They became citizens. They moved to neighborhoods dominated by ethnic-Americans, learned English as a first language, raised their families, started businesses, became employers, and gave to their churches.

They didn't forget their heritage but they didn't expect the rest of "us" to add Italian or Polish or German or Norwegian or Russian to every sign at the airport or every form at the doctor's office to accommodate them.

Initially they may have taken jobs no "other" Americans wanted but like many immigrants, they tended to develop an appreciation for our free-enterprise system that is lost on most other Americans today and made plans to transform themselves from employees to employers.

Liberals must think immigrants come here for a free paycheck because that is what they want for themselves. While this is probably true in some cases, I think most immigrants come here to provide for their families and are willing to work - probably harder than most American citizens.

Given my heritage, I believe immigration is the lifeblood of America. Immigrants have always shown us how great our country can be. They see opportunity, start businesses and create wealth and laugh at most of the rest of us "fat, dumb and happy" Americans that are willing to settle for a low-paying or dead-end job when opportunity abounds. Legal immigrants teach us that America is still a great country. They show us that capitalism and the free-enterprise system is alive and well. They prove every day that our system, while not perfect, is still the best in the world.

I also believe most people are basically good. I believe given the choice, most illegal aliens would prefer to be legal, to fend for themselves and to be given equal - not greater - opportunity.

The liberals among us don't understand any of this because they are not pro-business, they are pro-government. They believe that the government should eventually provide for our every need while at the same time forgetting the business owner who invested capital, took risks, and maybe even (God [or Government] forbid!) failed a few times on their way to eventual success and the creation of wealth and employment for others. They forget that most Americans are employed by small businesses. They forget who pays the taxes that make it possible for our government to piss it all away.

Liberals want to take away all the risks of living. They want to put a safety net underneath all of us because somewhere along the way they lost their nerve. Their constant rage against the system belies the fact that it is the incentive to take risks and create wealth that creates the tax base in the first place to fund their ill-conceived notion of a utopic society where no one has more than anyone else.

Immigrants on the other hand have nothing to lose and as such often times strive to achieve everything America offers, and don't want it given to them - they're willing to work and take risks to achieve it.

Otherwise, why do they risk everything to come here?

If we weaken our immigration laws we weaken our country and all of its citizens. When we lower the bar to become a citizen we weaken our system. Ultimately we harm the very immigrants that our liberal counterparts would wish to serve.

In the era that my ancestors came to America, they became contributing citizens quickly because they had to. They started businesses because they didn't have an option. Having to learn English and assimilate themselves quickly was in their best interest. They weren't persecuted. They thrived. They made America stronger, not weaker. They fought in our wars and defended the world against tyranny. They created the explosion of wealth and prosperity that we enjoy today.

…and that the liberals work so hard to destroy.

As usual, the liberals, both Democrat and Republican, don't get it. They are going to great efforts to drop our borders.

And for what?

Ironically, many immigrants probably become conservatives, which is a backfire for the liberals who can only be so motivated to lower the barrier to entry to our country in the hopes of garnering more disenfranchised voters since they've so alienated middle America with their extreme social and fiscal positions. If that’s not their motivation, what is it?

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Leo Pusateri said...

My grandfather came through Ellis Islan from Italy (Termini Immerese, on the Isle of Sicily) around 1900, at the ripe old age of four years.

At eight years old, he was selling vegetables from a cart.

At 14 years old, he saved enough money to buy a vegetable truck.

At 21 years old, he saved enough money to buy a storefront.

As he grew older, he saved enough money to buy apartment buildings.

He died a millionaire.

No government programs..

And as you know, Italians were routinely discriminated against in the late 1800s through early 20th century.

We come from good stock, gumba!