Friday, May 4, 2007

...not the Twins stadium...its my stadium

Nick Coleman wrote on the stadium that is being paid for with ill-gotten funds today in the Strib.

"I don't like the way this deal was rammed through, or the way it relies on a tax that the voters were deprived of a chance to approve or reject."

I can't believe more people aren't writing, talking and blogging about how Hennipen county levied a tax that heretofore required a referendum to pay for the Twins stadium.


"With 40,000 seats, the new park will have 28 percent fewer seats than the Metrodome."

Say again?

"But the County Ball Boys are working hard for Carl Pohlad."

"On Tuesday, the county wrote a check for almost $14 million...It was a gift, from you to professional baseball (Thank you!), just part of half a billion (when you include interest) taxpayers have been assigned to shoulder on behalf of the Pohlad family business plan."

"First, they did an end-run around a law requiring a referendum to approve the sales tax increase that will cover the public's cost. Now, they have pushed the county into a secret deal with the Twins, and refused to make it public."

There it is! Thank you!

So, in summary, we are paying for a stadium that clearly most of us didn't want to pay for so our county government circumvented our right to vote on the new tax.

Furthermore, it is becoming evident that the economic value of publicly-funded stadiums is dubious at best. This is not to mention that we are building it without a roof in the same city that we were told couldn't support a baseball stadium without a roof, which is how we got the Metrodome in the first place.

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