Thursday, May 3, 2007

Romney on Leno

...the fact the Mitt Romney was on Leno last night isn't news any more and has no doubt been blogged to death but I did happen to catch it accidentally.

Until last night I hadn't seen him speak nor could I have picked him out of a crowd. I was impressed by his candor and confidence. He's very polished, almost too polished. He's self depreciating but not in an unintentional way like our President can sometimes be. I would like to learn more about him in the coming weeks.

While he apparently has some appeal among some liberals, there is no doubt he represents conservatives well having been married for 38 years and having a demonstrable ability to maximize capitalism given his background as founder of Bain Capital. He has waffled on abortion which begs the question what does he really believe? How his Mormon background will play also remains to be seen

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