Monday, August 27, 2007

Is the Thompson campaign in trouble before it has begun?

Anyone who has visited Roosh Five knows that I am an early Thompson supporter.

Being a movie buff and specifically a Tom Clancy-movie fan, I've known who Fred Thompson was since The Hunt for Red October. When I discovered that he was also a senator, I thought way back then that he'd be a viable Presidential candidate.

But lately I am wondering who is in charge over there or at the very least, who Mr. Thompson is getting advice from. (I'm not going to comment on the news today of Thompson's communications director leaving because Fred Thompson hasn't told us why yet.)

I've been told to be patient by fellow "Fred Heads", and have read comments in defense of Fred Thompson that his approach is "old school" which is to say he's going to start his campaign at the traditional time, and not participate in the extended version we see today.

But I feel this is a contradiction as Fred Thompson's campaign has also been lauded for it's early and innovative use of the Internet and viral videos, so I'm having a hard time buying that explanation.

The problem with waiting, at least as I see it, is that whether you like it or not, more than a few (albeit mostly redundant) debates have already taken place. Fred Thompson has missed opportunities to go head to head with Rudy Giuliani, his only competitor for the nomination in my estimation. Worse yet, I think he is starting to lose the interest of his earliest supporters. I can't imagine momentum not being important to a political campaign in this day and age where information and opinion moves at the speed of the Internet.

I want to get behind someone who shares my beliefs, but I also a candidate that is politically viable. Someone that can win. Someone that has people that know how to win.

Thompson smiled broadly when he was introduced as an "all-but-declared GOP presidential candidate" while interviewed live at the WCCO-AM radio booth by Eleanor Mondale, daughter of former vice president Walter Mondale.

"I think it's pretty clear the direction I'm headed in," said Thompson, who plans to announce his official candidacy next month.

No, Fred. It's not that clear. We've heard "next month" at least a couple times now. There are many would-be Republican voters that don't even know who you are yet. What is the point of "hinting"? It's annoying. It seems to me that there is much more to lose than to gain by being coy with us. I don't think political campaigns are won by attrition. Besides, Rudy's not going anywhere. Once Fred does announce, will it be anticlimactic?

If you're walking around our State Fair shaking hands and kissing babies it isn't to promote your acting career. That's a campaign. Go for it Fred, or set us free.

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Bike Bubba said...

I personally think all the campaigns are in trouble because those heading them cannot, apparently, resist the siren call of the nanny state; the reason we voted for Reagan (or wanted to at age 11 as I did) is not there.

The only exception is a guy who completely ignores the fact that the Founding Fathers were completely willing to wage war on the Barbary Pirates--that's my major quibble with Ron Paul.

And Thompson? Well, you're right; he's flirting with us in the same way he did with all those southern belles while he was single. Hopefully he figures out soon that we're not all exactly "Larry Craig," and so we're not going to be pursuing him forever with no payback.