Friday, August 31, 2007

Tell your car where to go...

I have a navigation system in my car and I use it a lot more than I thought I would when I got it. When I'm in a hurry or running late I have often thought how cool it would be to send my destinations for the day to my car ahead of time thereby saving the time of entering in the data in the parking garage. I don't' drive a Mercedes Benz and don't plan on it any time soon but almost every technology that MB has pioneered has ended up going mainstream soon thereafter.

Mercedes-Benz drivers can now search for directions from any computer, and send it wirelessly to their vehicle via Yahoo Local Maps and Google Maps. Once the location is chosen from either of these public sites on a PC, the user chooses to "send to vehicle" and the destination is automatically sent via SMS to the vehicle. To retrieve the destination in the M-B vehicle, the user then presses the Tele Aid "i"-button and the directions are download automatically via the Tele Aid system and are displayed on the navigation screen. From here the "location code" is taken over by the on-board map resources. Mercedes-Benz is the first OEM to offer this function in the U.S., while BMW has a similar system already active in Europe. The first year is complimentary with a subscription to Tele Aid's Security and Care package, and is complementary with the Luxury & Convenience package. The feature will be available soon on the MY07 S-Class, CL-Class, and MY08 C-Class with the Multimedia Package and Navigation system. OnStar has a similar feature available in trial in the U.S. at this time with pubic availability later this year.

HT Telematics Research Group (Minnetonka, Minnesota)

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