Friday, August 3, 2007

What Nick Coleman should have written...

"Minnesota's proudest moment..."

In an unprecedented time like this, where we have Fox News, CNN and the like camped out in our own community because a local disaster is the nation's news, we can't help also being proud when we see how our community reacts to such an event.

Our public servants including law enforcement, medical, emergency services and other officials demonstrated that in fact the lessons learned at 9/11 were not lost on us. I have not heard of any confusion, lack of leadership or jurisdictional conflicts whatsoever.

Republican representatives and activists in town during this tragedy found themselves reassured of their selection of the Twin Cities for the 2008 GOP Convention.

But most impressive of all...and why we can be so proud to live our observation and the media's corroboration of the fact that Minnesota Nice, as hokey as that moniker sounds, is alive and well.

It has been reported nationally over and over that mere seconds after the disaster occurred, passersby rushed to the aid of their fellow citizens, and no doubt lives were saved. Even more amazing are the stories of the rescued turning right back around and helping to save and give aid to others.

No doubt lives were saved even before our professional heroes were able to arrive on the scene.

We live in a high-tech world. We bring improvements to our lives and create economic growth through the use of technology. But not without risk.

Every day we get into our car or fly in an airliner or even bike to work we are exposed to certain albeit mostly negligible or least acceptable risks, as we employ these technologies in our daily lives.

Driving over a bridge is no exception.

While we can and should expect our government to maintain our nation's infrastructure, and certainly this disaster will bring increased attention and with it political pressure to increase or reallocate resources, we cannot remove all risks from our daily life.

Nor can our government. Nor can we expect our government to have the resources to completely mitigate the effects before, during and after a disaster of this magnitude.

All the more reason to find ourselves reassured and in awe, and so proud of the heroes of late - both professional and civilian, that have shown our entire country how great a place the Twin Cities of Minnesota are to live and work.

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Dan S. said...

Nicely done, jroosh.