Friday, September 14, 2007

Finding Neverland

Finding Neverland is the story behind the story of Peter Pan. Based on a true story, it follows a playwright, J. M. Barrie who we find smarting from the commercial failure of his last play. Pressed by his backer to write a better one, and fast, Barrie finds inspiration in the presence of his new-found friend and love interest Sylvia Llewelyn-Davies, a recent widow with four amazing sons.

Johnny Depp plays Barrie with such skill that one can't imagine this movie being possible without him. Kate Winslet, who I last saw in The Holiday also delivers another impressive performance as Sylvia. The show is completely stolen however, by little Freddie Highmore who plays Peter, the namesake for Barrie's legendary work. Dustin Hoffman adds gravity to the film, cast as Barrie's backer and local theatre owner Charles Frohman.

Magnificent sets coupled with special effects allow the viewer to realize Barrie's vision of Neverland both in his imagination and in the manifestation of his work.
We watched this film as a family, and if you haven't seen it yet, I would recommend it.

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