Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is a Hillary Presidency really a Hill-Billy Presidency? (II)

From on oft source of insight, financial intelligence and good friend John H:

"We are well aware that some things presented in the press are opposite of truth:

Decades of war in Ireland is billed as Protestant vs Catholic, when it has been over land.

Decades of disagreement in the middle east is presented as the Palestinians laying claim to their supposed land, but was really a cold war against Jews and a distraction tool used by Arab governments over their economically impoverished people.

Maybe Hillary for President is just a conspiracy to have Bill, et. al. run the country. Sure we all think Hillary is smarter than Bill and we joke about it – I believe that’s a popular delusion.

Look at all Bill has accomplished and his resume compared to H.

I know our popular misconception is that “she is so much smarter”….But, no comparison in terms of achievements (whether you like Bill or not) is there?

Therefore, has H been a poster child for focus and an instrument of higher brighter powers that be? (All Feminists: Throw your tomatoes at me NOW.)

H is a great question answerer and speaker no doubt, but are all her policies /answers really her ideas?

Bill can't “run” again for President due to the rules.But wouldn’t you agree that today Bill is “liked” by enough people, and smart enough, and a great great orator, that Bill could win the election?

So H shall be the Queen, a figurehead ? And that gets Bill (the Prime Minister) in the White House.

I just think Bill is far more capable, and the entire Clinton machine is raring to go, would this just be a continuation of Bill’s reign from behind the scenes?

If Hillary does win the nomination (and not Edwards, who is actually the smartest of the democrats),

I urge us to consider this, just like I urged people to consider $75 oil when oil was $35.

But I have been wrong before."

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