Saturday, September 1, 2007

Look True North

Congratulations to my fellow MOBsters for the collaboration that is True North, non-partisan blog dedicated to the following principles:

Liberty: lower taxes, less (and more sensible) regulation, and a focus on freedom, whether economic, intellectual or political.

Prosperity: the promotion of the freedom of the market to bring the most opportunity to the most people, and the promotion of merit that drives this prosperity.

Security: the defense of this nation from enemies abroad, the protection of its citizens from crime and criminals at home, and the security of our borders.

Culture: The recognition that America is a melting pot that welcomes newcomers who come with a desire to join in our novel experiment, enjoy freedom, wealth and a brotherhood of common principle, rather than view it as a candy store to be plundered.

Limited Government: A government that is focusing on whether you're smoking or eating Big Macs is a government that has too much time, money and power on its hands.

Family: the belief that government needs to uphold, rather than undercut, the basic building block of all healthy societies, the family.

Check it out here.

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