Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Rage in Placid Lake

Placid Lake is the progeny of two hippies: she an unpublished documentary film maker, he a spineless radio traffic announcer, both absentee parents. Placid somehow survives and is bright, confident, creative, and funny but also quite unconventional and impulsive; a misfit. He secretly loves his staid and bespectacled childhood friend and MENSA candidate Gemma Taylor, whose future is already written. She's the next Marie Curie.

When one of Placid's off the wall stunts lands him in the hospital having literally broken every bone in his body, he decides this is his opportunity to become a new person. To conform, and win the heart of Gemma.

He sheds his long curly hair, buys a grey suit and lands an entry-level job at an insurance company where he blends in, gets promoted quickly, and is indoctrinated with corporate cliche and mantra.

...and almost loses his identity.

The Rage in Placid Lake is an independent Australian film featuring no one I've ever seen before, save a very brief and easy to miss appearance by Claire Daines, who plays "girl at seminar".

The characters are excellent including Placid's parents who are humorously annoying versus just annoying like the parents in Meet the Fockers.

Unlike that film, this one is well written and directed, is very funny, has a real message and a great soundtrack.

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