Saturday, September 29, 2007


What's wrong with this picture?


Bike Bubba said...

Nothin's wrong. For Toyota to get anything anywhere, they gotta buy a Chevy. Just like you'll see a lot of Chevy tow trucks taking Fords to the repair shop.

Did you expect anything else? :^)

ps. Have you heard the GMC ad where the cowboy-sounding huckster says "look at these brake rotors...'bout as big as manhole covers" poking fun at Toyota?

jroosh said...

It just seems that if they are willing to spend all that money for the dubious value racetrucks have as a marketing vehicle (no pun intended) that they could spend the extra fifty or hundred grand or so to customize one Toyota pickup to be a "duellie" and bore out their V8 to pick up some more horsepressure.

Heck, they'd probably get some guys wanting to order themselves one.

Bike Bubba said...

Probably a lot more than that. The reality is that you can make a perfectly good dually with a 180hp engine; the "Big 3" did it for decades. So the Toyota V8 (or even some V6s) would be perfectly suitable for this.

What you can't do without is the heavy duty transmission, differential, frame, and springs. You can buy all but the frame, but the frame must be customized to the body of the pickup. That's real expensive, as it's all custom machining.