Tuesday, October 23, 2007


If you bought a book and found it was missing 35 pages, you'd be disappointed and would take it back to the bookstore, wouldn't you?

If you took delivery on a new car and found it had 35 mechanical defects, you'd be very disappointed and would probably take it back, wouldn't you?

If you toured your new home before closing and found 35 structural issues the builder needs to correct, you'd be very disappointed and may even back out of the deal. Right?

If you went to the doctor and she found 35 serious health issues that you need to address, you'd probably get your affairs in order.

If you watched a documentary declaring that the planet is warming, man is to blame, and our planet is on the verge of disaster...but it had 35 factual errors....what would you do?

Name it Best Documentary? Give the guy a Nobel Peace Prize?

SPPI Reports 35 scientific errors in Gore’s climate movie: Vindicates UK High Court

“Each of Gore’s 35 errors distorts or exaggerates in one direction only – toward unjustifiable alarmism. The likelihood that all 35 would fall one way by inadvertence is less than 1 in 34 billion. Gore’s movie is not only inaccurate but prejudiced. The movie is unsuitable for children. It should not be shown in schools.”

For a great post on the 35 Inconvenient Untruths go here.

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