Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Romney v. Clinton

Very little attention has been given to the fact that Hillary, as a presidential candidate, is a Senator. This is probably by design.

Senators have historically had a very difficult time winning the Presidency. This was rather skillfully used against John Kerry. The issue is, a Senator hasn't "run" anything. Furthermore, his or her votes on issues are clear. As a Governor, or even Mayor of a large city, you can answer the challenge having "run" something and your stand on certain polarizing issues isn't quite as evident.

While the polls show Hillary with a commanding lead, I think it wise on the part of the DNC to keep their options open as there is at least one skeleton in Hillary's family closet that is no doubt going to come out soon...

My friend and periodic contributor John H chimes in...

"Could this be the first shot off the bow in the 2008 Presidential Election :Romney vs Clinton :"

M. ROMNEY: I think they’re going to look at what their vision is for the future of the country, where they would take it, and whether they had the experience and skills to actually lead a nation of our scale in such a critical time.And I think the greatest drawback beyond the direction she’d [H. Clinton] take us is that she’s never run anything. She’s never had the occasion of being in the private sector, running a business, or, for that matter, running a state or a city. She hasn’t run anything, and the government of the United States is not a place for a president to be an intern. You need to have experience actually leading and running things.

HANNITY: She says her experience makes her uniquely qualified to be president at this time.

M. ROMNEY: I’d suggest it makes her uniquely unqualified in that she is one of the few that really has not had experience in leading in a significant way an enterprise…………..


"Yes, she’s my least favorite candidate, and Mitt tells the reason ! Too bad it is not Margaret Thatcher vs Romney , now that would be fun !"

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