Friday, October 5, 2007

Senator Dingle


A couple days ago I posted on Senator Dingle's asinine proposal to fight (unproven) man-made global warming with yet another tax. I called him Dingleberry.

Today, my buddy Nate sent me this:

"Two players that shouldn't sit next to each other"

...for your entertainment.


Anonymous said...

My husband drives approximately 80-90,000 miles per year with his work with a pickup pulling a trailer. He may fill gas 3 times in one day. 50 cents per gallon may put him in the unemployment line. What a stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

Yeh and if do not deal with climate change which you idiots do not believe in, our children have no future. We care more about regions that what is good for our country. As a Republican head of GE said today on a talk on the economy. Government always is a catalyst for change and to think otherwise is keeping your head in the sand. We cannot keep borrowing and increasing our deficit and no clean energy program which caused us to be in this war by not changing to fuel efficency or clean cars. No, Detroit sold gas guzzlers and allowed Honda and Toyota to take advantage when Clinton had an agreement with Detroit for clean cars and did not. So America enjoy the problems we created.