Friday, October 12, 2007

Time to turn it on Fred

I didn't watch the Republican debate the other night.

Admittedly, it was due to apathy on my part combined with the fact that I think these early debates are a waste of time. Over half the candidates have less than half a chance so why should we care what they think?

Set up a debate between Hillary and Rudy or Fred (or Mitt for that matter if he ends up overtaking the others - not likely) and I'll be in front of the TV with a Tombstone and a Chill. That's what we used to call Football Food until the Vikes lost my vote forever in 98...but I digress.

As for Fred, he's not exactly wielding his screen skills thus far and what the Republicans need right now is some charisma. If Fred can't supply it, I don't know who will.

But don't count him out yet...

Why 'lazy' Fred Thompson may have a shot

Everything you've heard about his half-hearted campaigning is true. But don't count Thompson out yet, argues Fortune's David Whitford.

...Thompson is sitting next to a Hollywood insider who asks him, Why weren't you interested in being president of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America)? Look, Thompson says. Dick Wolf (creator of "Law and Order") pays me a lot of money to work two days a week. Why would I work for less money and work six days a week? Okay, says the insider, I get that. Then a few weeks later comes the news that Thompson wants to be president of the United States.

But to conclude therefore that Thompson won't be a factor in the Republican primary race would be a foolish - maybe even grave - mistake. Thompson should be taken "very seriously," says veteran Democratic consultant Tad Devine. "I think the biggest thing he has going for him is there is tremendous disenchantment with the Republican field. You've got Romney who appears to be doing well in some of the early states but appears to be falling behind nationally. You've got Giuliani who enjoys some national standing but has tremendous problems with the base of the Republican party. You've got huge, deep disenchantment with the direction of the country under the president and you've got gigantic issues like the war in Iraq and a deteriorating economy on the front burner. When you create that kind of political brew, somebody like a Thompson can step into it and basically argue...that he can do the thing which they most desperately want done, which is to win the election."

... he's exuding a kind of weary paternalism that plays surprisingly well, and not just among Iowa caucus-goers. He's like a dad, a good dad - dependable, unflappable, familiar. A little detached, maybe, a little subdued, and there's that slight undercurrent of irritation he can't seem to shake. But that's to be expected of a man who knows what duty is, what responsibilities are. His indifference, oddly, is part of his charm.

Okay Fred, time to turn it on.

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