Friday, October 26, 2007

Too Little Too Late...and what roof?

The Twins are getting a new stadium which is being built in a bad location, funded with illegal tax revenues, and without a Minnesota.

This despite the the fact that we had an outdoor stadium here once and were told by Harvey Mackay and the rest of the stadium committee of the 70's that any viable stadium in Minnesota must have a roof. we may be in a sports slump but at least we're in good company!

  1. Philly

  2. Atlanta

  3. Buffalo

  4. Cleveland

  5. Minneapolis

  6. New York City

  7. Washington DC

  8. LA

  9. Seattle

  10. Cincinnati
Think we're in a slump now? Just wait until after the novelty wears off the new, cold, wet stadium and we collectively realize how stupid it was to build it without a roof...and that we'll be stuck with it for twenty years.


jkruse said...

I'm not in favor of spending billions to publicly finance sports arenas every few years, BUT, thank goodness there's no roof on this thing. I hate closed arenas.

Nothing more depressing than spending a beautiful fall day inside the dome watching football. And cold? That's half the fun. My first Michigan State football game it snowed so hard you literally couldn't see the fans on the other side of the field. Guys were out on the field shoveling yard lines while the game was being played.

Same thing for the Twins. I refuse to watch baseball indoors. It's wrong. Looks like I'll be going to my first ever twins game in a couple of years.

Bike Bubba said...

You're a Spartan too, eh jKruse? What year? (me: 91, EE)

And I'm with Jkruse on the stadium issue, too. The weather is part of the fun, and it's worth noting that two teams that made the playoffs are playing in ballparks that are over ninety years old. To expect to build a new one in 20 years is just to kowtow to the greed of the owners.

jroosh said...

Yah, guys I know. Its a romantic notion, sports under the sky. I've heard all the arguments about other outdoor stadiums but remember one thing: they are all south of us or otherwise in a warmer, drier climate.

Michigan State, as you know is in Lansing. Little bit different climate than the Twin Cities.

Do you remember the last few years of Memorial Stadium at the U of M?

Empty seats. They begged for the Dome.

Remember, the only reason the new Twins stadium has no roof is that they couldn't push through the extra $140 Million. It was "better than nothing".

I hope I am wrong as I am a Hennipen County resident which means I own part of the deal. At first it will be a novelty and people will wax on about the Met and how cool the new Stadium is but a few years into it when the novelty wears off people will be wondering why they built it without a roof.

jkruse said...

I don't really think the climate in E.L. is that much different than the twin cities. Maybe when the solar cycle calms down and the Earth begins to cool drastically it will make football games a little more inhospitable. We'll see.

Bubba - it's scary how often we're lining up on the issues these days! :)

I spent the summers of 90 and 91 at MSU while I was an undergrad, and then did nuclear physics grad school at the cyclotron lab from 92-99. I took a graduate EE class there - plasma physics, but I can't remember the prof's name any longer.

Bike Bubba said...

Yah, pretty scary, and I'm with you on Lansing weather vs. here.

Roosh, it's about 5F colder here on the average, but Lansing is (due to being between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron) a LOT wetter. You can get every bit as miserable in the stands there as you could here if they built a real ballpark here.

Of course, now it's the Twinkies and ViQueens responsible for most of the misery in the homer-dome. Don't you think they'd appreciate someone else to blame? :^)