Thursday, October 18, 2007

Toxic Waste? On Al Gore's watch?

Steve, I'm disappointed in you. I guess Algore isn't supervising your adherence to environmentally sound business practices after all? Why is he on your board of directors then?

Environmentalists have threatened to sue Apple if it does not make its iPhone a “greener” product or tell consumers of the toxins allegedly used in the device’s manufacture.

The Centre for Environmental Health (CEH), a campaign group based in Oakland, California, said that it would launch legal action in 60 days unless Apple took action.

The threat comes after a report by Greenpeace, the environmental group, which alleged that the iPhone contained dangerous levels of bromine, chlorine and phthalates – chemicals used to increase the flexibility of plastic.

The level of phthalate esters, a chemical linked to birth defects, in plastic coating of iPhone headphone wires is greater than that allowed in toys or childcare items sold in Europe, Greenpeace alleged.

The campaigners’ action may prove embarrassing for Al Gore, a member of Apple’s board, who last week won the Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental work.

I think this supports my assertion that Al Gore doesn't give a rip about the environment. I offer as evidence:

1) His poor acting (attempting to be genuine) in his film

2) His lifestyle

3) The above

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