Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Not A Purse

So I was grabbing all my stuff yesterday before hopping into the truck for a three-hour roadtrip...and I had to make two trips from the house to the garage.

Digital Camera
Water Bottle

Do you remember this episode of Seinfeld?

Elaine: So, you had to carry some of Keri's stuff. Big deal.
Jerry: You don't understand. I went on a successful pocket diet, and I want to keep that weight off.
Elaine making a bowl of cereal.
Elaine: You know what? We sell this thing at Peterman that would be perfect for you.
Jerry: Not more of that crap from the Titanic?
Elaine: No. No. It's a small men's carryall.
Jerry: I'm not carrying a purse.
Elaine sits down at the table to eat her cereal.
Elaine: It's not a purse. It's European.
Jerry sits down with Elaine.
Jerry: Oh.

Later on...

George: Well, at least, I'm not carrying a purse.
Jerry: It's not a purse. It's European!


Kramer: Jerry, you forgot your purse.
Jerry: Oh, thanks.

(A pickpocket runs by, taking Jerry's carryall, while everyone yells in surprise)
Jerry: Hey! Officer! Someone took my European carryall!
Cop: Your what?
Jerry: The...black, leather...thing with a strap.
Cop: You mean a purse?
Jerry: Yes, a purse. I carry a purse!

I don't know about you but with all the stuff men have to carry around, what would be wrong with a small purse? When will we men be comfortable with carrying a purse? I have keys, a wallet, a smart phone, my memory stick, chapstick, ibuprofen, sunglasses...

...I'm just saying.

The Seinfeld episode obviously didn't create the desired trend...okay, so who wants to be first?


Anonymous said...

If you ever watch 24 on Fox you will see that Jack (main character) always carried his "man bag". A lot of men I work with also carry a bag. If stylish, they look good.

jroosh said...

I appreciate the irony of an anonymous comment in support of man bags

Jeff Kouba said...

I proudly say I carry around my junk, such as the list you mentioned, in a canvas bag. Very manly.