Saturday, November 17, 2007

Minnesota's Own Phil Thompson

Phil Thompson is a published local composer and pianist who's notoriety was boosted by a beautiful composition that expressed the agony of the the tragedy, the heroism of the responders and supported the victims of the I35W bridge collapse.

Written two days after the disaster, his original work "Final Ride Home" was set to video capturing scenes of the disaster site and gained national attention. Soon featured on iTunes - all proceeds of its sale go to the American Red Cross. Phil and his moving work soon appeared in newspapers and television broadcasts across the region.

Phil's compositions will comprise the soundtrack of a new documentary "Footsteps - A Journey in Faith", the world premier of which is November 29th at our own Children's Theatre Company. His Christmas album "Twelve Songs of Christmas" is due any day now. You can also find Phil's debut album "Opening Act" on iTunes.

I had coffee with Phil this morning where he shared exciting news: his resignation from his Financial Advisor role with UBS financial services to pursue his musical career full time.

Phil is a recent graduate of the U of M Carlson School of Management and was recognized for making a difference in the U's online newsletter. His gifts and education have blessed Phil with formidable combination of creative talent and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Phil and I have become fast friends and I couldn't be more proud of his decision to pursue his musical career full time. You can find him at Phil Thompson Music.

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