Sunday, November 18, 2007

re the planet: well done!

My friend at Pro Patria has assembled a powerful overview and update on The Man Made Global Warming movement which is at best incomplete "science" and at worst a politically-motivated multi-national liberal power-grab.

Global warming, fact or fiction? For the most part, that is a rhetorical question since we really don’t know one way or another. There are enough questions to classify it as a theory, but certainly not a fact. Unless you’re part of Big Green, in which case it is an irrevocable fact.
We have already covered
the Antarctica lie and shown that the Antarctic ice sheet is actually expanding and could actually cause a drop in ocean levels, but what about the Arctic?

Or not. According to NASA, the Arctic melt is not actually caused by global warming.

You have Al Gore and the UN telling us one thing and other scientists (including NASA) telling us something completely different. Yet Big Green perpetuates the Al Gore/IPCC alarmist mentality and continues to jam global warming down our throats and demand that we cut our lifestyles in the name of saving the planet from ourselves.

Check it out: Big Green v. Reality ...and while you are there, check out his 911 Story.

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jkruse said...

...check out his 911 Story.

I started to, but couldn't get past the ugly photo top center.