Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thank you for saving the world

Governor Tim Pawlenty at the men's Christian breakfast yesterday morning at Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina:

What if we lived under the control of another form of government? Communism, the Nazis? What of our freedoms then? Our church? Our ability to protest our government, have a free press, to associate with whom we please? Even our choice of clothing could be restricted.

Our country guarantees all of these.

But there is a constant threat to our freedom. The players change but the threat remains. In the event of conflict, we try to exhaust all forms of diplomacy but sometimes push comes to shove.

That is when we need those that raise their hand and say "I will do what it takes to secure your freedom...even if it means that I will have to lay down my life."

The governor related a time when he met a World War II veteran and simply said to him "Thank you for saving the world."

To that the veteran replied "Hah! Somebody had to do it!."

Another was a story of a military sendoff in Minnesota. The governor met a young mother of three. She had lost her job, had recently broken her leg, and had her children by her side to see off her husband who was being shipped abroad.

The governor asked how she was doing "It must be so hard for you right now."

She replied "This is what we can do for our country."

The governor reminded us to hold these people up. Not Madonna or Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

It is the soldier, the marine, the sailor, the pilot, the guardsman; it is our service men and women who have made us and kept us free.

These are the people that have given us all that we enjoy today.

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