Sunday, December 2, 2007


Enchanted is a semi-animated musical in the Disney tradition. Our fair princess, Giselle, is banished to the "real world" (New York, as if that qualifies) by her evil Queen. Her fair Prince, Edward, gallantly follows her trail to save her. It's sort of a Disney version of The Terminator.

Okay guys, I know; I don't like musicals either.

...and Enchanted started off like a typical Disney animated movie for kids...I thought I was about to take one for the family. Enter straightman Patrick Dempsey, who plays a realist; a divorce attorney not given to this lost Princess' whimsical notions of love at first sight, romance, and magic.

I thought I had an ally in Dempsey as I sat there, my arms crossed. I would ride his coattails and get through the next two hours.

Then Amy Adams, who I last saw as the dizzy nurse in Catch Me If You Can opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, and Katy the Salesgirl/sidetrack love interest of Jim Halpert started singing and dancing like Cinderella.

A moment later I was laughing and leaning forward; completely drawn into the story. She was brilliant, she got us all, Dempsey included.

The scene in the park with the crowd, the workers, the street musicians, dancers and the animals was so whimsical it had us laughing first in disbelief and then genuine joy. It's the best thing since Ferris Bueller's Twist and Shout in downtown Chicago.

I even found an appreciation for Susan Sarandon, whose portrayal of the wicked witch was not a stretch at all for her. Art imitates life sometimes.

So go see it...take the me. And then buy the me. It's a classic.

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Dan S. said...

Thanks for the tip, JRoosh. I saw the commercials on Disney Channel and thought it was a clever premise.

Sounds like it'll be a good diversion for the girls -- I'll let you know!