Monday, December 31, 2007

Fred on Fox: Cool and in Control

Fred's performance on Fox News on Sunday was cool, respectful and no doubt comforting to his supporters.

He was asked about McCain's relatively superior experience on foreign policy and Fred was a class act, acknowledging the fact and yet putting a positive spin on his perspective.

Fred has refreshingly chosen the high road when asked about his Republican opponents and an incrementally sharper edge when offering his perspective on his Democratic counterparts.

When asked about his late entry, Roe v. Wade and other issues Fred offered much of the same: cool confidence and real answers. He has clearly thought through and holds firmly to his stance on the issues he feels our nation faces.

This was one of Fred's best appearances since joining the race.

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Anonymous said...

Fred is really starting to shine. I just hope that the people are watching and aren't being fooled into thinking that they should vote for the candidate who gets the most media ensorsement.