Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I hate to say I told you so...

...but I don't mind typing it.

St. Louis Park plans to drop wireless contractor

St. Louis Park has split with the company building its Wi-Fi service because of delays and other problems.

Bad Idea: Government getting into the telecommunications business.

Worse Idea: Telling your kid "As my father said before he ended his marriage: Never remain loyal to a bad idea," said Mayor Jeff Jacobs.

The city estimates the delays have cost it $300,000 in lost revenue.

Don't you mean has cost taxpayers?

Hough's letter noted that the city paused setup last spring after residents complained about the look and location of the 16-foot-tall wi-fi poles.

What we have here is yet another government entity venturing into a domain (as if all other more pressing problems in the city are solved) without accountability to the free enterprise system, competing with legitimate providers who God forbid, are in the business to make a profit.

Whereas government? They can piss away money ill-spent on subsidizing a poorly conceived project, undercut existing telecom providers, duplicate their networks, in a now obviously flawed manner, and if it loses money or fails altogether, raise taxes further and call it "A Great Experiment".

Anyone that has seen these WI-FI access points would not be surprised that residents are up in arms over their appearance in the neighborhood.

For now, the city is telling the more than 4,000 residents who have pre-registered for the city's Internet service to find another provider, Pires said.

"It's only honest to tell them to look elsewhere,"

Broadband internet access is not a God-given right and even if it was, it is not the city's mission to provide it.

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Bike Bubba said...

I'm personally still stunned that the city didn't choose to use the infrastructure they already had in place. Leave it to government to do that one.

And then about marriage....gosh, doesn't that illustrate why those who would counsel their fellow men in a Biblical manner are facing an uphill battle?