Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Knight Rider Rides Again

"Hello, Mike" says the new K.I.T.T. Car. I liked how the old car called him "Michael". The old car was a little less cheeky; a little more paternal.

NBC is reviving the Knight Rider concept in the form of a TV movie this coming year. If ratings allow, it will reportedly become a new series for 2008-9.

The original, which remarkably spanned four seasons and 90 episodes, chronicled the crime-fighting crusade of David Hasselhoff's ex-cop character, and a motor-mouthed armoured supercar with a supercomputer brain; funded by a billionaire foundation.

Watching old segments of the show reveals a car that was softly sprung and only superficially modified for superhero duty as it yawed, rolled and bounded sloppily while implausibly taking and giving fire to enemy helicopters and jumping over or through obstacles. In retrospect, the special effects were neither special nor effective, even for the 80's. No less in defiance of the laws of physics is Hasselhoff's hair.

Sort of the hillbilly version of James Bond and one of his many rides.

The new car is based on the 540 HP Ford Mustang GT500KR and will be able to ferry its crime-fighting passenger from one contrived plotline to another or morph into a driverless battle mode using a far-fetched extrapolation of nanotechnology.

Regrettably, there will be a reprise from David Hasselhoff in the lead role. This may present a logistics issue as it may be difficult running around the countryside saving the world when the cops keep pulling you over asking you to breathe into their machine.

So stay tuned for further announcements as to the timing of the NBC pilot. As for me, I'll be getting a manicure or painting my mailbox that night, so I'll have to pass.


Kermit said...

The first two pics didn't take.

Bike Bubba said...

Somehow the lyrics to the redneck version of "12 days of Christmas" come to mind. You know, the "and some parts to a Mustang GT" refrain?

arclightzero said...

I just can't believe that they went with a mustang for the new KITT. It's sacreligious.

jroosh said...

I just can't believe that they went with a mustang for the new KITT

...GM's new Firebird, the logical choice, won't be out soon enough, if it happens at all with the most recent mileage legislation.