Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen

The third installment, Thirteen is more of the solid sound track, casting and directing that made Eleven and Twelve solid, smart, and entertaining films. Rumor has it a Fourteen is in the offing and I would certainly put it in my Netflix cue.

Al Pacino trades places with Andy Garcia as the fall guy; Garcia's Terry Benedict making it lucky Thirteen. Ellen Barkin supplies the heat that Julia Roberts couldn't muster in Eleven or Twelve.

In contrast to Eleven, and to a lesser extent Twelve, Thirteen is bereft of the explosive action and surprises that marked the first two films although you'll still need a healthy ability to suspend disbelief. Its action is delivered in a more relaxed and even manner, but it never loses your interest and leaves you satisfied.

Moreover, it is refreshing to watch a modern film with an adult audience that is thoroughly entertaining but refrains from gratuitous violence or sexuality.
Look closely at the picture above and you'll count twelve...there is a small surprise at the end...and no, it's not Julia Roberts, thankfully.

Viewer's not coming to Thirteen as an extension of the first two installments may be disappointed but Clooney and Team fans won't be.

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