Sunday, February 10, 2008

Roosh Five Hillary Clinton Campaign Prediction (Bumped)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Barack Obama swept Saturday's Democratic contests, giving him considerable momentum heading into Sunday's Maine caucuses and three primaries Tuesday.

Clinton was unfazed by Saturday's upsets and continued to present herself as the most viable candidate to defeat McCain in the general election.

National polls and fundraising don't support that assertion, Hillary.


jkruse said...

Kind of looks like Fred Thompson's campaign, had the plane actually exploded into flames while it was still taxiing down the runway.

In all seriousness, who do you predict will be victorious next year?

jroosh said...


While I am a Fred Thompson supporter, I have been fairly critical here and on other blogs of the way he jumped in late and hasn't exactly started a fire under anyone since.

If I had to predict, I would say it will be Hillary v. Romney and I think that he will beat her by a narrow margin although not as narrow as Bush v. Kerry as I think Hillary has too much negativity to overcome among women, and regarding her lack of "likability" in general.

I am intrigued by McCain's recent resurgence because I really like him. I haven't been thinking of him much because until just recently he hasn't been a factor.

I think it is a big mistake to nominate Hillary but I don't think the Democrats have a choice in the matter.

One thing for sure, the next year is going to be a lot of fun to watch.

Kermit said...

You media types are so mean to Hillary! That's why the Democrats will nominate Obama on the 75th ballot in Denver.

jroosh said...

...these comments are from the original post in December and it is amazing how much has changed since then.