Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As a Family

Number One Prepares the "Site" to be installed on JBird

Mrs. Roosh and I have a five-day vacation coming up in a few weeks. It will be our first event away from JBird for more than one night since she was diagnosed in June of 2006.

How do you plan for an extended vacation away from your baby girl when she has Type-1 Diabetes?

...when she has two older siblings?

You train them to care for their sister. That way, their "sitters" don't have to live with us for three weeks before we go.

Number One and Jujubee have been in diabetes care boot camp for several weeks and we couldn't be more proud of them. Not one complaint.

Number One (Age 12) oversees the operation and data input of JBird's Medtronic Minimed insulin pump.

Jujubee (Age 10) oversees the infusion site, which needs to be reinstalled every two or three days.

JBird (Age 9) tests her blood glucose level, counts the carbs she's about to eat, and asks for concurrence from Number One.

It's tough for Mrs. Roosh to stand back and let them learn and make mistakes as a team but she knows in the long run its best that JBird learns to be self-sufficient, but also to ask for help when she needs it - which can be tough for her because she's always been very independent.

But it's pretty tough to install your own infusion site, a long thin needle with a circular adhesive patch and a rubber hose connecting it with the pump...even for JBird.

Her siblings are literally keeping their little sister alive and healthy so that Mrs. Roosh can have a break. Watching them care for their sister's well-being is a proud moment and a moving experience.

Life throws us all challenges from time to time. I think a good way to stay sane is to try to find the upside in every challenge. To give thanks. In this case I can honestly say that JBird's diabetes has made us closer as a family.

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