Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Review: Canon PowerShot S5 IS

I've grown tired of messing with entry-level 3-7 Megapixel cameras that can neither take close-ups nor offer effective zoom capacity.

My Canon A540 took great pictures from 4 to about 20 feet but burned through batteries, using 4 AA's on every outing. I sold it on eBay and purchased a Sony DSCS700 CyberShot 7.2 Megapixel camera.

I've had pretty good luck with Sony, but took it back after a few hours. The the flash was way to bright, washing out every face within a few feet of the camera and there is no flash adjustment available in automatic mode.

I upped the ante and looked to Best Buy's Digital "Advanced" category. This is to say more advanced than point-and-shoot but not quite SLR caliber. I found a knowledgeable sales guy at Minnetonka who confirmed my online research, which led me to the Canon PowerShot S5 IS which was on sale.

We took the camera, a 4 Gigabyte memory card, 8 NMH rechargeable batteries and the 4-year service plan. (I've cashed in on them too many times to pass on anything that the kids have an interest in).

Number One and I put the camera into service in the parking lot and were immediately impressed with the photos we took in Auto mode right out of the box. We travelled West to Wayzata and Lake Minnetonka to see if we could find suitable subjects and continued to be impressed. It takes awesome videos as well and can store about 60 minutes on the memory card, or over 1200 full-resolution photos.

All of these have been reduced in size for uploading. Look for more Photography posts in the future.

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