Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Say Anything

We will create new jobs," insisted McCain, who also favors improvements in federal programs for laid-off workers. "We have the innovation, the talent, the knowledge and the ability ... to regain Michigan's position as the best in the world."

Mr. McCain, with all due respect...Huh? The last thing Michigan or it's auto industry needs are more federal programs. What it needs is what its getting: the Japanese kicking their fat lazy unionized rear quarter panels...and deservedly so. If Michigan was ever best in the world at anything, the government won't put it back there. Besides, last I checked, my Chevy was hecho en Mexico. Is McCain changing parties?

"I will not rest until Michigan is back," said Romney, a native son who jabbed at his rival for saying many jobs among the thousands lost will never return.

Huh? Back? Is Michigan missing? Oh, I get it. Michigan is in the shape of a mitten....and the other one is missing! I must say, I share your frustration, Mr. Romney. A missing mitten or glove can be so frustrating. I support you for your vision to restore Michigan to its original location.

Meanwhile, back at the Clinton compound: "Both Senator Obama and I know we are where we are today because of leaders like Dr. King," Clinton said at a labor-sponsored birthday celebration in honor of the slain civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King. "We have to bring our party together and our country together."

Ms. Clinton. Curious. Just exactly how are you in any place due to the efforts of Dr. King? Did Dr. King speak out for the rights of rich, white, pantsuit-wearing, bra-burning women?

Senator Obama then respectfully asked Senator Clinton to please never again say "Senator Obama and I" in the same sentence.

Ms. Clinton could not be reached for comment.

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Bike Bubba said...

Competition is a great thing for Detroit, and even better would be some sane person administering regulations that understood that when one goes berzerk with regulations, the carmakers are forced to design the regulations instead of a car.