Monday, January 14, 2008

Start your Car from Afar

The Suburban has a remote start feature in the key fob. You have to be within sight of the truck and it appears to have about a 100 yd. range, and it's a nice feature for cold Minnesota days.

But this blows it away...start, locate, and monitor your car's behavior from your smart phone.

Ever been sitting in a cafe in, say, Paris, and wanted to impress your new French friends by starting your car back in the States remotely? No, neither have we, but if the opportunity ever arises, Autopage can make it happen.

But those are not the coolest things it can do. If your car moves more than 25 feet without your permission (stolen, towed, rolled into a lake after you forgot the parking brake, etc.) you will be notified via text message...

...yet another feature: GPS tracking via your mobile. C3 shows you a map updated every 5 minutes of your car's direction of travel so you can help the fuzz track down the perp who stole your ride. Or you can use it to keep dibs on your teenager who's headed to Vegas instead of the movie theater.


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