Monday, January 28, 2008

Stay Home

Your family, especially your wife needs you more than Minnesota does.

John Edwards to visit St. Paul
John Edwards, who finished a distant third in South Carolina’s Democratic primary, plans to bring his presidential campaign to Minnesota on Tuesday, the campaign announced Saturday night.

...unless you think a third place-showing in the state you were born holds some hidden message.

I don't think South Carolina is a secret admirer. They handed "it" to you.

Fred never quite got started but at least he knew when to quit; for the sake of his party, his family and his supporters.

Plus John, its really cold here, we were were on the other side of the civil war, it's windy so your hair will likely get wouldn't like it here. Stay home.

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Bike Bubba said...

Did ya see the rumor going around that Obama would have him as attorney general? Can you imagine it--the guy who channeled the souls of dead babies in testimony in court heading the justice system!