Friday, January 11, 2008

Tata Nano Smaller than a Piano

NY Times: Tata Motors today took the covers off the world’s cheapest car — the Nano.

Over the past year, Tata has been building hype for a car that would cost a mere 100,000 rupees (roughly $2,500) and bring automotive transportation to the mainstream Indian population. It has been nicknamed the “People’s Car.” Over the course of the New Delhi Auto Expo, which began this week, anticipation had grown to fever pitch.

Fever pitch? Over this? Obviously India does not share our enthusiasm for the open road.

"People's Car?" I think they mean the "Person Car."

Let's explore the benefits of this amazing molecule...

Save space; keep one of these in your trunk instead of a spare tire.

You know how new cars come with a plug-in for your Ipod?

This car is actually powered by your Ipod! …or your electric toothbrush for that matter.

Turn your two-car garage into a four-car garage! In fact, a garage may not be necessary. Due to the small footprint of this car, the National Weather Service has certified that there is only one chance in ten thousand that a rain drop or snow flake will strike the surface of this car while stationary.

Parking downtown too expensive? Park your car in your cubicle.

It's safe for your teenage kids because you can't get horizontal in the back seat. In fact you can't get two people in the back seat.

It's cheaper to manufacture because instead of an airbag, there is a can of shaving cream behind the dashboard that is exhausted in the event of impact.

Want to change colors? One jar of nail polish will do the trick.

Hey look! Tata spent more on their web site than the car!

They offer financing. "Pay for your Nano in three easy payments!"

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Leo Pusateri said...

Heh! Good one.

But that's probably what Algore would have all of us drive; as he himself jets away in his private jet, of course.