Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thanks Rudy

I like Rudy. I appreciate what he did for New York and his book, Leadership. Agree with his variety of Republicanism or not, he transformed what was one of the world's worst cities to live and work in into one of the best. He may have twisted a few arms and done some deals under the table, but he got stuff done and made things better for a lot of people. Read the book. It is the kind of leadership our national government needs.

Many have criticized Rudy for putting 9/11 in every sentence but we should all hope to have the opportunity to make such an obvious impact and gain such notoriety. There may be things he'd do differently in hindsight but who wouldn't use an experience like that to highlight your leadership in a presidential race?

His anticipated endorsement tomorrow could very well cement things for McCain but its too early to know for sure. Rudy's loss in Florida marks the end of his campaign for the nomination, and possibly his political career.

I hope not though because our country needs men like Rudy Giuliani to stay involved.

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