Sunday, January 20, 2008

Too Little, Too Late, Too Right

Fred Thompson will most assuredly announce his exit from the race for the GOP nomination after his showing in the South Carolina primary.

I was a fan of Fred Thompson's from well before his announcement to run but also a critic of his late entry, his campaign's inability to gain momentum and for Fred to become a factor in all but one of the debates thus far.

As the GOP platform has migrated further to the center to take up the slack of the DNC's slippage ever farther to the left, candidates like McCain and Giuliani will probably enjoy wider appeal due to their electability as many believe they straddle the center better than anyone else. Huckabee's campaign will soon also fall victim.

As for Romney - too soon to tell, and certainly not without a fight.

Admirably, Fred has been clear from the start as to his conservative stance on the issues. Alas, where he stands is apparently not where the majority of Republican voters are.

As for me, and especially as it relates to fiscal conservatism, what this means for our country is a question even more important than how it bodes for the election in November.

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