Thursday, January 24, 2008

What do I think you ask?

Fred's out. Never really was a factor. Sadly. It appears he's too conservative even for the GOP.

...although he shouldn't turn the bus back in yet. It might end up saying McCain/Thompson on the side soon enough.

Giuliani has virtually no chance of turning Florida around. He loses Florida? Rudy's out.

McCain sits on the center better than any Democrat. I'm not saying I agree with all of his positions but if the race for the nominations ended today, I think he'd be in receipt of his.

Edwards should be home spending time with his wife because he's wasting it out on the trail.

Hillary I fear is yet again discovering the liability that is Bill.

Right now it looks like Obama knows how to be like Bill Clinton better than Hillary.

So looking ahead, if I had to predict from here?

Obama v. McCain. McCain wins narrowly.

RCP agrees.


Smithers said...

No way.

It's going to be Romney and Clinton and Romney is going to get smoked.

Not that I am a big Clinton fan...

Take it from me, remember how I called Fredo the day after he got into the race?

Bike Bubba said...

Fred wasn't too conservative; he simply failed to act like he wanted the job, and then when he did, he was seen as terribly negative. Hard to win with that kind of script weighing you down.

My prediction? Dunno who will win, but whoever does, there will be more government.

Smithers said...

OK, I take it back.

It ain't going to be Romney that gets smoked, it will be Big Mac.