Friday, February 15, 2008

Fellow Conservatives, Lend Me Your Earmarks

If you click on the above, you will see a ranking of Earmarks by Congressperson; the top of the list are the largest recipients, the bottom the smallest.

Guess who is near the top: Hillary "I will take on the Special Interests" Clinton

Obama? Near the bottom.

McCain? One of only five or six at ZERO.

The support of supply-siders Jack Kemp and Phil Gramm has not been enough to reassure some economic conservatives about the direction of economic policy in a McCain administration. Yet a look at Mr. McCain's record in Congress over the past 25 years demonstrates a tax-cutting pedigree at least as strong as, if not stronger than, Mitt Romney's or Mike Huckabee's (they both raised taxes as governors).

Graphic HT


Leo Pusateri said...

Great Graphic!

Kermit said...

Derek would be jealous. Brilliant!