Saturday, March 8, 2008

Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone is Ben Affleck's first attempt at direction and production and his brother Casey's attempt at a leading role in this violent, gritty thriller. Both render promising results; the film and it's participants gathering a fair number of various nominations and awards.

The neglected daughter of a single mother addicted to drugs and abusive men is kidnapped. Her sister, assuming the police will be ineffective, hires a Private Investigator played by Casey Affleck to find her niece. Affleck and his partner/girlfriend ask questions and uncover leads that the cops don't, which at first simply exposes their sloth but ultimately the vein of truth.

Gone Baby Gone, set in lesser Boston, is a dark and affecting; entertaining if not riveting tale that employs violence and graphics only to the extent as is necessary to convey the story.

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