Friday, February 29, 2008

Global Hot Air

So what is this global warming hysteria all about? It is about an agenda to further erode freedom and to give more control to the government and ultimately the world Socialists. Al Gore won an Oscar for his “documentary” called “An Inconvenient Truth.” The real truth is that Al Gore can’t travel on commercial airlines or live in an average-size home because that would be inconvenient for him. He travels on private jets and maintains huge homes that use 20 times the amount of energy that the average American uses. (remember that Al Gore is the guy who said that he invented the internet). It is the same old elitist garbage that has been around since Man’s fall into sin. The mind set of the elitist is this: “Do as we demand, but we are above doing what we demand. We are above you because we are more important than you. We are the ones who must lead and therefore are not subject to what we tell you.”

What a joke it is to hear Al Gore and his Hollywood Liberal, private jet traveling, money wasting, malcontents preaching to us about using less energy. Spare me the absurd notion that they have any right to preach to us. These people are consumed with selfish ambition. They can all travel on public transportation if they want to. They can all live in an average-size house if they want to. They can all drive a small car if they want to. Instead they leave that to the little people to do since they are so much more important than we are.


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