Saturday, February 9, 2008

Get Behind McCain

Staunch conservatives really have had no viable, truly conservative choice in this Presidential cycle since Fred Thompson quit the race and now some are vowing to stay home or actually vote for Hillary or Obama.

The fact is however, most of America is near the middle, leaning right or left. There will probably never be a candidate conservative enough to satisfy the far right.

I've heard the asinine "we need a Jimmy Carter so we can have a Ronald Reagan" rhetoric but there is much more at stake this time and even Ronald Reagan didn't live up to the conservative idolization his memory is now subject to.

Do we really want to risk a another terrorist attack or even an economic meltdown just to prove a point? We need to be pragmatic. Now that the process has yielded our best choice going forward, Coulter needs to shut it. Rush and Hannity need to focus on what's good about McCain.

There's an old Groucho Marx riff in which he launches a new career as a stick-up artist -- while worrying that his native cowardice may not induce the requisite fear among his victims. Sure enough, after a little time in a dark alley he springs out to confront his first victim, points his gun to his own head and says, "Take one step closer and I'll kill myself."

Time is wasting. McCain has for some time been the only candidate that polls show can beat Hillary and has a fighting chance against Obama.

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