Monday, February 11, 2008

Thank your for your Opinion, Mr. President...

...but I'm not sure how credible your opinion is regarding conservatism, especially as it regards the fiscal variety, which right now is as important as any other issue. Our federal government is on the brink of insolvency with a $400 Billion deficit and a $10 Trillion national debt. That's $30K per citizen.

I know a lot of the deficit is the war, not to say that the War has been efficiently prosecuted, but I don't think our President has a lot of political capital to spend right now. Furthermore, McCain's victory is predicated on a reach across the divide to independents and moderate Democrats. As such, the President's endorsement may not be helpful.

I like McCain's chances, but he is not exactly a defender of the right flank himself.

Is true conservatism a lost discipline?

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Bike Bubba said...

Oh, now, come on. The REAL national debt (GAAP rules) is around fifty trillion, if not more. $150k/ person, more than most people pay for their homes.