Friday, February 15, 2008

Thanks Mitt. Mr. Huckabee?

Mitt Romney Will Endorse John McCain

...and Huckabee plays on.

I like Mike Huckabee; in sum he's probably no less conservative than McCain or Romney but what is his angle? He must be aware of the mathematics. Is he really hoping for a miracle?

If Romney, who was in second place, saw that he had no chance against McCain at a certain point, why does Huckabee persist?


Bike Bubba said...

Well, McCain's opponents have a chance until he's got 1191 delegates, no? Like I noted on my site, you don't get the pennant when your magic number is likely to be zero, but when it reaches zero. Huckabee's aiming to keep McCain honest on this and the social issues.

Bully for him.

jroosh said...

Yes. If McCain were to step off the planet, his opponent would have a chance. That opponent however would be Romney (who would jump back in), not Huckabee.

Otherwise, we are talking about a mathematical chance only, which does not take into account momentum or probability.

I don't really think Huckabee's remaining in the race does anything in the way of influencing McCain's sensibilities, do you? His small amount of delegates aren't enough to help or hurt McCain.

Bike Bubba said...

Absolutely, Huckabee is influencing McCain here. As long as Huck is in the race, McCain risks Romney working against him if he veers too far left on critical issues.

Again, as long as McCain doesn't have the delegates, the game ain't over. Just ask the 1969 Mets. Just ask Doug Flutie & Boston College.

Really, a lot of GOP activists are acting as if Huckabee were insulting his opponents as if he were Hillebeast and tearing down the party in the process. This is constructive debate, it's getting conservatives in the news. It's good stuff.