Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lookee what I bought with my rebate check!

"Yaw, whadda ya think? Aint she a be-yoot?"

That 'Stimulus' Nonsense

The proposed rebate of about $600 per man, woman and child is transferred to people based upon some characteristic other than work effort. In fact, if you've worked too hard and earned too much, you won't get a rebate. So in some instances the rebate actually requires the absence of work effort. Now it's true that some of the people receiving the rebate may also be workers, but working is not the reason each person receives the rebate; it's simply because he or she is a human being. Thus rebate recipients are given command over real resources for doing something other than working.

1 comment:

Kermit said...

I think it came out at $300 per head with a $1200 per household max.
By all means, grab your kid's $300 and buy that sucker.