Friday, March 7, 2008

America's Unions lost their relevence long their minds... Part III

America's Unions suffer from a lack of relevance and effective leadership that would be comedic if it weren't for the fact that their members are real people with real families.

Union leadership however must only exist for its own benefit because their timing as it relates to striking is so unbelievably obtuse. Take for example the airline mechanics strike, initiated at the very same time that most if not all carriers were teetering on the brink of expiration. The result was a job loss that took years for workers to recover from.

Union leaders lead their sheep to slaughter only to have more sheep take their place.

Of late, Unions are striking against America's second-most struggling industry, which is ironically in that state due in no small part to the union's themselves: the automotive industry.

The timing is unthinkably stupid. Most auto manufacturers worldwide are reporting sluggish sales, production reductions or stoppages and layoffs.

Unions, with the compliance of thickheaded auto industry executives, have gutted our automotive industry, sacking quality, design and engineering for the sake of arcane union rules and artificially inflated wages and benefits. Unions have stymied our educational system by substituting tenure for accountability, hijacking and liberalizing the curriculum.

Unions increasingly struggle for relevance in a world where information about commodities, prices, and wages flows freely and globally. Smart people realize that ultimately their wage is tied to the value their work represents to the economy. In most cases, force feeding the free market is tantamount to messing with Mother Nature and will have a similar result. Harm comes to all involved.

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Bike Bubba said...

Well said--you would think that these guys would read the writing on the wall and ask themselves whether $15-20/hour building axles is better than $8/hour greeting Wal-Mart shoppers--and whether shutting down GM would help, or hurt their efforts to get business with companies like "Honda" and "Toyota".

I can imagine some saying "Gosh, just because we strike all the time and are in a state with high taxes, nobody wants to do business with us? The injustice of it all!"